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"Purr! the cat is gray." (King Lear III.4)

Last time the Riotous Youth Shakespeare team went to Brussels, we met a cat. Shared appreciation for kitties is really crucial to our work.

Welcome to Riotous Youth Shakespeare

Riotous Youth Shakespeare, like all good things, began as an accident. Scott Emerson Moyle had a decade of stage combat and other theatre experience on his resume before his brother unceremoniously dumped him in front of 20 fifteen-year-olds at the International School of Brussels. Scott found himself teaching an impromptu Shakespeare workshop that would become Riotous Youth Shakespeare. Six years later, we have big dreams of radically inclusive Shakespeare practice, bringing arts-workers into schools and students into the arts. Riotous Youth Shakespeare is a brand new theatrical organisation that seeks to provide active, inclusive and engaging lessons in Shakespeare where all students can find a place to thrive within in a cultural hallmark so steeped in elitism and centuries of casual oppression. I’m Coco, and in part I’ll be joining Riotous Youth Shakespeare, as its origins go way back. On the other hand, I’ll be building from scratch , with my partner Scott Emerson Moyl